Finally, Hug to Van!

It had been only 2 months since we started to dream of having a rolling home. After a long research we’ve come to a conclusion that VW transporter with high roof is the one.

Despite transporter is a very preferred car it is very hard to find one with high roof. In addition to its rareness, ones that we found often used for carrying cargo and nearly impossible to find undamaged. Our plan was after finding a clean car, remove its seats, redecorate inside, add kitchen supplies, install water tank etc. After all this renovation, the hardest part would be going traffic registration office and make it legal. In turkey the real challenge is governmental executions, not only they are intricate and conflicting but fines are also high.

Things we wanted to do were challenging but sometimes life doesn’t give you lemons but gives lemonade itself. This time luck was on our side. We found high roof t4, with all renovations have been made, all paper works have been done. All we had to do was pay for it.


This shot was taken when we finally united our 4 wheeled home.