Gökçeada, Barba Yorgo Tavern

After all trips to Göçkeada finally had a chance to visit Barba Yorgo Tavern. Why not earlier because in Gökçeada you never run out places to visit. Sometimes a cove turns your direction or a lovely weather changes your plans. It may be hard to do all things in one trip. Anyway lets go to Barba Yorgo:

Barba Yorgo Tavern is the first Greek tavern of Gökçeada and famous for house wines. Wines may not be for everbody. We liked it, especially Ritini white retsina was very nice. They were the only producer until last year.  Wines should be put in fridge for an hour before consuming.

Gökçeada - Barba Yorgo
Side dishes are quite delicious. Goat meat, hot cheese, cuttlefish are assertive. Prices are normal for a tavern. Every night there is live music, Greek and Turkish songs are sang with bouzouki. At one point Barba Yorgo stands up and circles around tables and makes you stand up and dance, resisting is not helping. You find yourself in the center dancing eventually. It was not hard for me but it was a quite scene to watch the struggle of Ulaş. We had a great night as a result and decided to come with more friends. We highly recommend this tavern you won’t be disappointed.

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