Trip to İnönü Plateau, Sakarya, Turkey

This summer, exactly 25th of July. The day we finally were able to start engine and hit the road after 3 months and all misfortunes we came through. Destination; İnönü Plateau, Sakarya. We were trying to get used to car and needed a place close to Istanbul, after some research we came across this place. Another information we found is sometimes local people come to practice gun shot. We didn’t mind but we had known very less.

İnönü Plateau

136km away from Istanbul, road goes around the Yuvacık Dam. Some viewpoints are very beautiful. Ulaş made his usual comment; “I always tell, you can find everything you looking for in Turkey. You can take photo of this view and say its Norway everyone buys it.”

No need to exaggerate but view are often great 🙂

Last stop before Plateau was Tepecik Village.  We decided to have a break and breakfast but due to off season there were nobody. After a while an old man saw us said “ Breakfast? My wife could make breakfast”

After tea last 14 km road was waiting. This was our first off-roadish experince so there was a little fear. But if there is no rain any vehicle can go. With motocycle endure would be a better choice.

Well is it worth it? You can read from here.